lunedì 3 dicembre 2012

Christmas-y Cozy Days.

I’m Simona, nicknamed Beth.
I’m 19 and a half, I live in Italy, and I’m a fashion lover. I study to become An Art Director in my hometown, After 1 year studying History of Art, Design and Film in England. I saw a lot in England, All different types of fashion, and now I decided to come back in Italy, in my hometown, with a dream. I want to be like a Storm. I want to change things. I want to stay here and to change my life and shake this city’s taste in fashion, among with other great personalities.
I decided to open this blog whilst watching WorldFashionChannel, with my IPhone in one hand and a cup of hot chocolate (and whipped cream) in the other hand -kind of a strange moment to have a revelation.
I’ll start posting some of my old looks, and then some new ones.
My 3 keywords are : Original, Vintage and Cheap. Everybody wants to change the world. I Just to hope to realize my dream. 

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